Cream Cheese Recipes Ideas for Everything on your Fridge

Making something that include cream cheese as its ingredients sometimes can be burdened when we accidently having leftover of it. Actually, what matters most is that the leftover usually in amount that hard to portion it to be part of any kind of dish that we liked to cook. That can be a problem.

Another problem that usually we have is also part of the leftover story is having some of these vegies, some of these fruits, some of these ingredients, and anything in between that also on the same area with the story above, on which their size or portioned is quite problematic to be added as ingredients for a complete dish.

Believe me this is not yours only to face but also half of human being on this earth. That is why we need a solution, so here what you get! Recipes that in a way can be an inspiration to make a food from everything that we have on our fridge, which almost include cream cheese on every of it. I know the sad feeling when we have the leftover of our favorite cream cheese brand while having no appetite to consume it as it is, but sad to waste it!

  • Trout Roes and Turnip Toast

Basically, this dish is titled sandwich as you liked, just toast everything, no need exact measurement, spread the leftover of your favorite YUMMY Cream Cheese or YUMMY Fetah Cheese on the French toast then topped with the turnip and all the ingredients

  • Baked Three Cheese Onion Dip with Chive and Pepperoncini

The dip is also part of the essential show of this food, but the pasta also having its high lite

  • Smoked Salmon Breakfast Salad with crispbread

Yeah this is another of make your own sandwich but specifically include veggies and greens on it.  Spread the cream cheese on your bagel, layered with as much veggies and greens as you liked

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